Monday, October 27, 2008

Giant Creepy Sea Creature of the Week: The Colossal Squid

Possibly the creepiest of all giant deep sea creatures, this creeper is the object of much deserved obsession.

Really excellent colossal squid facts:

  • It is the largest known invertebrate EVER (39 - 46 ft long. . . and probably more colossal even!)
  • It has the largest eyeballs in the animal kingdom
  • It has an array of sharp swiveling hooks at the tips of its tentacles, which it wields against the wide range of prey found at depth in Antarctic waters.

  • It regularly battles sperm whales
  • It is the only conceivable thing cooler than the giant squid
  • A 1,091-pound (495-kilogram) colossal squid has been frozen in a New Zealand lab since a fishing crew accidentally caught it near Antarctica in February 2007. The researchers initially considered thawing the squid in a giant microwave oven.
  • Nat Geo: "At this size, they eat pretty much whatever they like." Humans?!. . .yes.

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Sarah Butler said...

I learned last night that the colossal squid is different from the giant squid, other than just being more colossal. Interesting.

Please write about seahorses soon. I am dying to learn what differentiates the sexes.

also- LOVE the blog and that you used the word Creeper as a noun. :-D